Torchio Marmi has over 150 years of experience in stonework for floorings and is able to work on indoor and outdoor architecture projects to commercial and/or residential settings, the contract sector and the world of design.

Our tailor-made product range includes: floors, modulate floors or inlaid floors, custom staircases, custom floorings and pavings for interiors, outdoor and pools, mosaics, custom classic design marble projects and custom contemporary design marble projects

Torchio Marmi has created various public flooring projects and restored existing floor coverings damaged by wear and weather.  Our intimate knowledge of the properties of granite, marble and stone enables us to employ them in any context, making full use of the qualities they possess.  Among our prestigious works is the inspiring work performed in the Castello square in Torino which represents the historical and political focal point of the city of Turin, with the presence of the Regional Seat of Piedmont, the majestic façade of the Madama Palace with the ancient Roman gate behind it and the presence of the Royal Palace.  The floorings have become a monument, thanks to the elegant effect given to the play of water in the overflowing fountains and the carving of our stones.

Torchio Marmi is able to provide floorings and floor coverings that are perfect thanks to our technical experience.  Its goal is to intensify the decorative value of the work, bringing together the choice of materials and the surrounding environment, with respect for the requirements of use and installation.

From the aesthetic value of polished, textured or bush-hammered granite and marble, to the safety of non-slip stone for public and outdoor areas, we always use highly durable, reliable materials with a variety of finishes that create the decorative results demanded by our customers.