Funeral Arts

The staff at Torchio Marmi are master artisans, skilled in creating refined works of funerary art. Every one of our creations aspires to reach the perfection that our clients require.  Through cooperation between the customer and the company and drawing on our master craftsmen and years of experience, unique works are born that give form to the visions of our clients.

The specialists at Torchio Marmi are recognized industry professionals, capable of advising and assisting clients in finding the best solution to every situation.  We offer finished products in a wide range of grave marker materials:  marble; domestic, foreign and exotic granite; stone (including the famous Luserna stone); Serizzo granite; and Trentino porphyry.  In addition to the ability to fulfill custom client requests, we have an extensive, well-established catalog of grave markers; Torchio Marmi serves as a national reference for these items.

Our company provides complete turnkey services, beginning with the design of objects, through careful craftsmanship, and ending with precise installation.  Works created by Torchio Marmi are first and foremost commemorative works: monuments to memories, reminders made of stone and refined with bronze and steel; carefully crafted, long-lasting accessories.  Our commemorative works exalt the symbolic and spiritual meaning of elements such as vases, cornices, crosses.  The catalog includes family mausoleums, columns, obelisks, headstones, gravestones (niche ledgers and tomb ledgers) in addition to what we technically call decorative elements, which includes stone or bronze statuary, stained glass, and memorial books.  All elements are designed and constructed in accordance with the client’s wishes and requirements.