Our marbles and stones are the perfect solution for projects with strong emotional impact that maintain the elegance rooted in the material, it lends itself beautifully to emphasising forms, both classic and ultra-contemporary.

We have always used a wide variety of materials, among which the precious marble from Cava Capraia located in Tuscany, in the province of Massa-Carrara, in the heart of the Apuan Alps. Nature, over the centuries, has created marbles, that are unique in the world in terms of colours and veins. In Italian they are known as: Breccia, Capraia, Fior di Pesco Apuano, Classico, Statuario, Calacatta, Arabescato. These are noble marbles known and sought after since Roman times due to their rarity and beauty.

In ancient Rome, these marbles were used to adorn temples and patrician villas. Later, during the Renaissance, the Medici family rediscovered the beauty of these marbles and used them to adorn Florence’s cathedrals, villas and public buildings. Today the marbles of Cava Capraia embellish villas, presidential palaces and luxury hotels worldwide. From mainland Asia to America, from the Middle East to Europe it is not rare to find important constructions coated with our materials.

Over 150 years of experience in selecting the best blocks in terms of aesthetical and structural characteristics are key competitive advantages of Torchio Marmi that we place at the service of our clients who can be confident that our marbles and stones comply with criteria of excellence.