The mausoleum becomes a point of reflection: a public and private space in one.  The design must follow and interpret social and cultural changes combining representations, secular and religious considerations with practical requirements.

Mausoleums are funerary monuments, devised to offer members of a family the ability to share the same space upon their departure.  To this end, family chapels can contain a large number of burial recesses for the interment of remains.  The construction of family mausoleums and chapels, with building permits issued by the cemetery, must be entrusted to accomplished, expert companies, specializing in the construction of funerary monuments and able to guarantee the greatest level of assistance to the client before, during and after the construction of the project.

The construction of mausoleums - niches, crypts, monuments and chapels - can be executed with different construction methods.  It is possible to purchase a prefabricated, reinforced concrete structure, or to choose an entirely custom design, with or without an underground vault, based on a plan and model developed together with the customer.  Clients can also suggest changes during the project itself.

Every construction technique is complex and multi-faceted, based on appropriate budget analysis and refined through periodic inspections during the process to make the structure elegant yet ensuring it will stand the test of time.

Ten years of collaboration with expert designers and prominent artists as well as an artisanal approach to stonework allow the company to offer solutions that are of the highest aesthetic and architectural value.  In addition to construction, Torchio Marmi also offers skilled restoration and maintenance services for existing family mausoleums.