To return funerary elements to their original appearance and protect elements damaged by the passage of time requires measured, accurate and precise work using techniques approved by the Architectural and Landscape Assets Office (Soprintendenza per i beni architettonici e paesaggistici). Torchio Marmi is able to restore aesthetic dignity to artifacts deteriorated by time, atmospheric agents or neglect.  We carry out every restoration using procedures developed from one hundred years of experience, analyzing locations and materials to offer the customer the best solution to meet their restoration requirements.

Extensive knowledge acquired from working in the marble and granite industry allows Torchio Marmi to be at the forefront of the conservational restoration of funerary or commemorative monuments, in cemetery as well as urban settings.

Statue restorations and restorations of funerary objects are carried out using a precise plan intended to restore the original splendor of the work, including structural repair works if necessary. The restoration and reconstruction service ranges from pressure washing of stone or bronze elements to sandblasting, in order to eliminate damage caused by age and ensure the conservative restoration of the object.

Torchio Marmi utilizes proprietary resources and conducts specific consultations to evaluate the entire scope of any project.  For an informational inspection or an estimate, you may contact our office in Turin.