Who we are

Torchio Marmi has been in existence since 1860, based in Turin and operating in the marble, stone and granite industry for funeral arts, construction and decorative works.  The company is also a leader in the design, construction and restoration of family mausoleums.  In the construction and furnishing fields, we produce and install interior and exterior coatings, flooring and vanity and counter tops.

Torchio Marmi has an office in Hong Kong in collaboration with Relisuco Ltd., a company that has significant experience in the luxury home sector in the Asia Pacific region, established in Hong Kong since 1976.  This enables us to provide an exceptional level of service to our client in Hong Kong, Greater China and the Asia Pacific region.

All our craftsmen are driven by a centuries old Italian tradition of fine stonework.  These are hands that work, cut, compose and finish, driven by the passion that transforms a vision into a timeless object, a work of art.

We make use of century-long handicrafts tradition and new technologies. Precision and meticulousness are the foundations of our work; nothing is left to chance. Particular care in every phase of production is our trademark.  Once our works have been completed and laid, they are unique works encompassing centuries of artistry and know-how and which immediately distinguish themselves from industrial products.

Torchio Marmi has over 150 years of experience in stonework and is able to work on indoor and outdoor architecture projects to commercial and/or residential settings, the contract sector and the world of design.

The company received the prestigious designation of a Historic Italian Company (Impresa Storica d’Italia) from the Union of the Italian Chambers of Commerce (Unione delle Camere di Commercio Italiane).  This award is reserved for companies that, over time, have successfully amassed significant experience and business value and have been in continuous operation in the same market sector for a period of at least 100 years.

We use marble, granite and porphyry of first quality, selected directly by expert personnel, to assure our clients receive the highest “made in Italy” quality.  Marble and granite are worked directly in our shops in Turin in order to have direct control over production, ensure high standards are maintained and allow the custom development of client requests.  Mable and granite are available in many types and variants to allow each client commission to become a truly personal piece and a small masterpiece that can endure over time.