The construction of family mausoleums, monuments and crypts starts with providing sketches and drawings that are then revised in subsequent stages until we identify and graphically create, together with the client, the guidelines to be followed for creating the final design.

Great importance is given to the use of light in the design of mausoleums and other projects, as this is understood to be a defining element that helps define and characterize architectural form, as well as the use of pure geometry and essential concepts in close relationship to the burial spaces.

Our architects and engineers meet with the client to interpret aesthetic requirements and artistic preferences.  This process includes first-rate artists as well as sculptors and glass craftsmen.  These craftsmen, through ongoing collaboration with the company, use their skills to enrich the tombs and give voice to the broadest possible range of artistic languages, from the traditional elements of marble, glass and bronze, to the innovative use of the newest technology.

Once the sketches meet the client’s expectations, the building plans necessary for construction of the project are prepared. Torchio Marmi directs the work on the client’s behalf, including aspects related to safety, government relations and complete site management, including inspection of the project.