Since 1860, we have been passionately crafting marbles, stones, and granites for construction, interior design, and funerary art.
Pioneers in custom furniture design and in the realm of large-scale projects and conservative restorations, our company has been honored with the prestigious title of "Historical Enterprise of Italy" by the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce.
Tailor-Made Uniqueness

Every project unfolds as a singular story, carefully crafted to echo a client's wishes and essence.

There are no boundaries or fixed rules: only endless possibilities.

Combining creativity and craftsmanship to bring to life pieces that not only meet functional needs but also evoke emotions and inspire.

It's a collaborative journey between designer and client, where the final result has to be a tangible expression of individuality and excellence.

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With over a century of experience and tradition, we create unique works destined to endure over time.
Stone Gallery

The Origin of Everything

The raw material stands as the essence of our offerings a Natural stone stands as the essence of our offerings

Premium marbles, granites, and onyx, meticulously chosen to guarantee the highest quality, proudly made in Italy.